NetRom Internet Services

Register your own domain name with prices as low as $20 per year! When your done, check out our low cost web hosting options. From simple email forwards, mailboxes, and webmail to full e-commerce hosting solutions, NetRom can provide what you need. You can even transfer your existing domain to NetRom and save money each year!


Type Register Fee Renewal Fee
COM/NET/ORG $20/yr $20/yr
BIZ (Now available!) $20/yr (2 year minimum) $20/yr
US (Now available!) $20/yr (2 year minimum) $20/yr
INFO Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
TV Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
CA Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
CO.UK/ORG.UK Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Registration & renewal fees are good for 1 year unless noted above.
Only com/net/org/biz/us are available at this time. Check back often!